Green and Fresh  Tea Gift box
Green and Fresh  Tea Gift box
Green and Fresh  Tea Gift box

Green and Fresh Tea Gift box

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Green and Fresh Tea Gift Box

“Green and Fresh” gift box is a great idea for home warming gift to congratulate someone on buying their new home.


This gift box has all of the essentials for moving house.

Inside this gift box we have prepared for you 3x jars of high quality loose leaf tea. Every jar has a tea description, brewing instructions and a lovely pink bow.  When we pack our tea gifts, we pay extra attention to every detail to ensure when person you order this box for is more than happy when look inside.

A live succulent plant is great as house welcoming gift. It's a  green, fresh colour to brighten up every empty corner in the new home. Succulent is a plant which doesn't require much attention or knowledge to maintain, so you can easily focus on moving in and don't have to worry that you forgot to feed your plant. But in a few years’ time when you look at this slowly growing succulent you will remember this first day you moved into your new property.

We do love our Hi honey and we strongly recommend drinking tea with honey we have add a honey drizzle to the gift box. 

We believe this is a perfect gift box for somebody who is  moving in to a new home. But we can think of at least dozen different occasion for this practical gift box. Going away to study gift, gift for tea lovers, gift for plant lovers, cute gift honey drizzle, succulent gift box. Farewell gift box, Good luck in your new job gift box, and more.. possibility for this box seems endless.




Three jars of high quality loose leaf tea of your choice


Golden honey drizzler. 

Life Succulent  we have got a variety of succulent plants available so the one you receive may be slightly  different from the picture above.