Brew Me Now Tea Set
Brew Me Now Tea Set
Brew Me Now Tea Set
Brew Me Now Tea Set
Brew Me Now Tea Set

Brew Me Now Tea Set

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Don’t let anything stop you from getting your first cup of loose leaf tea.

This beautiful handmade glass mug will allow you to brew your tea without using any additional tea infusers or tea brewing accessories. In the tea set you will find a pack of 50g high quality loose leaf tea of your choice. Just select the tea flavour from the list.


Glass cup description:

Glass cups allow you to enjoy the taste of high-quality loose-leaf teas, without metal or plastic, affecting the taste.

The cup has heat-resistant borosilicate glass infusion cup/glass inner cup (tea soaking device, acting as "filter") / glass cover (inner cup holder)

Easy to brew - A glass cover that keeps the tea warm while brewing and can be inverted for a convenient, mess-free break.

A well-designed teacup and infuser are locked in place to ensure that water does not leak out of your teapot. Easy to clean or hand wash in the dishwasher.

Made by professional craftsmen. A special gift that can be given to you as a special gift.


Material: High borosilicate glass

Specifications: (approx.) mouth diameter: 8cm / 3.14 inches; height: 12.5cm / 4.92 inches

Capacity: 301-400ml

Colour: transparent

package includes:

1 x Glass cup

1 x filter cup

1 x cover


The Tea Cup may contain very hot water, careful when use and keep away from children when filled with hot water.

Safe to use in the microwave to boil your water.