Cactus Tea  Premium Gift Box

Cactus Tea Premium Gift Box

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Cactus Tea  Premium Gift Box

“Cactus & Tea” gift box is a great idea for home warming gift to congratulate someone on buying their new home.


This gift box has all of the essentials for moving house.

Inside this wooden gift box we have prepared for you 2x packs of high quality loose leaf tea, packaged inside our eco-friendly, decorative paper tea bags that will please your eyes and wake up your senses. When we pack our tea gifts, we pay extra attention to every detail to ensure when person you order this box for is more than happy when look inside.

Together with the amazing loose leaf tea we packed a stainless tea infuser. You can enjoy your tea straight away.

A live cactus plant is great as house welcoming gift. It's a  green, fresh colour to brighten up every empty corner in the new home. Cactus is a plant which doesn't require much attention or knowledge to maintain, so you can easily focus on moving in and don't have to worry that you forgot to feed your plant. But in a few years’ time when you look at this slowly growing cactus you will remember this first day you moved into your new property.

Stationery sticky note pad and pastel colour pen will always come handy when you need to write down your grocery shopping list or a phone number to nearest fish and chips place. And come onn.. who are we kidding? This cactus stationery is so cute we just could not resist giving it to you.We believe everyone has at least one book in the house worth reading and this is why we add to the box this lovely book mark.


We believe this is a perfect gift box for somebody who is  moving in to a new home. But we can think of at least dozen different occasion for this practical gift box. Going away to study gift, gift for stationery lovers, gift for plant lovers, cute gift with stationery, cactus gift box. Farewell gift box, Good luck in your new job gift box, and more.. possibility for this box seems endless.




Two packs of hand prepared and packed loose leaf tea 100g each pack. You can pick your favourite flavour but as standard we would pack for you

Cactus Green  Tea 100g

The 2nd bag would be a surprise picked by our staff. Or You can choose it when you order your box.

You have an option to choose your favourite flavour of loose leaf tea available on our website. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Stainless  steel tea infuser ( ball shape), we can change the shape of the tea infuser for you, just pick any available on our website and let us know in the comment box.

Life Cactus  we have got a variety of cactus plants available so the one you receive may be slightly  different from the picture above.

Book Mark

Cactus stationery item together with a pen in lovely paste colour.

Wood box External measurements  L39.5cn x W29.5cm x H14.5cm Internal measurements L38cm x W28cm x H11.5cm